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Armengar (Edit)

Residents of the island of Amnor, the Armengarians are bound together by their bitter history and the worship of their ancestor.

Children of Malar(Edit)

Malar, brother to Mithras, is the embodiment of the Wyld and all that dwells within it. His are the ways of the Pack, the Hunt, Nature and the cycle of Life. As a result, his followers are as widely diverse as the creatures that dwell within the Wyld, and can be as caring and protective, or harsh and unforgiving as their creatures they bear the names of.

The Company of the Brave and Foolish(Edit)

The Company of the Brave & Foolish are a rag-tag band of adventurers who make a living by completing dangerous quests, rescuing damsels-in-distress and looting dungeons.

The Coterie(Edit)

Mercenaries, assassins and prison-breakers once loyal to Corvidae before the Lions were unceremoniously booted out of Albion, a contingent of Coterie representatives have pledged their services once more to the Lions after a troubled exile in Teutonia. We hope to earn your favour and trust once more as we regain the numbers and influence we once had, and prove ourselves worthy of a slightly less demonic leader. And make a bit of cash on the side, of course.

The Silver Court(Edit)

The Silver Court were founded in 1113, by the Lord and Lady of Whispers - Lord Tenebrous Armagar and Lady Jehanne. Coming as they did from Vipers lands, and fey courts being unheard of in Lantia, they were initially treated with suspicion and distrust. Rapidly establishing themselves in the faction, they attracted a number of juvenile Nightstalkers - today a nest of Nightstalkers forms the core of the court. Following a ritual to destroy the ancestor Drakos, most of the founding members of the court sacrificed themselves to that cause. The current Lord Silver has moulded the court to be a focal point for Orstian fey wishing to become involved in affairs of the Lions and the Heartlands, and allied herself and the court strongly with the Accord.


The Ghostwalkers are a group of people with much experience, who were once senior members of the Unicorn faction before joining the Lions in 1109.

The Ghostwalkers have now left the Lions and rejoined the Unicorns.

House Carrik(Edit)

A strong military group distinctive by their green and burgundy tabards.

House Demetus (Edit)

A small group of like-minded individuals, famed for their creative solutions to problems.

House of the Rising Horn(Edit)

A small group of hospitallity minded fae, the House of the Rising Horn worship a hemophrodidic ancestor of fertility known as the Great Horned One and appear more bestial than the majority of fae (referring to themselves as commoner fae) bearing shaggy fur and large horns. It has recently been revealed that the Great Horned One may in fact be a fertility aspected avatar of Malar ancestor of the Hunt. Following the death of Broken Sparrow under dubious circumstances at the Baghdad moot of 1112 there are no known members of House Rising Horn still active; the young of the House were recovered from the clutches of Talan, leader of the deadly and sociopathic fey known as the Nolla and have been fostered with the Company of the Brave & Foolish.


Tribal fae from the wild lands of Siberija, the Korpiklaani are reknowned archers. As of 1112, following the death of many of their members only a single member of the group, a goblin known as Toad remains active.

The One (Edit)

A order of warrior monks who are called by the ancestor Mithras from their homes at puberty to go to Castle Fulcrum where they live and serve him. They live their lives by Mithras's tenets of comradeship, strength and battle.

Order of Celestial(Edit)

The Order of Celestial consists of questing Knights and Companions. They are headed by a Grand Master, and one Companion holds the position of Knight Confessor, an individual to whom other members can go for advice and confidential discussion. There are three Masters (of Arms, Physik and Thought). These were originally the heads of the three parts of the Order, but the titles are now used to bestow honour, not rank. Each Knight also has one or more Squires, who are preparing to enter the Knighthood, and who, on successful completion of their training are knighted by the Grand Master.

The Order follows what is Good before all else. This means that it is often outspoken and occasionally comes into verbal conflict with other groups over the fictional "necessary evil", but even their opponents have come to respect their integrity, commitment and sense of duty. Lacking the more formal structures, and severe outlooks of some units, the Order strives ceaselessly to put right what once went wrong, to protect those who cannot protect themselves and to leave Eredreja in a better state than they found it in. Based at their re-built Chapterhouse on Tamarus, the Lantian Isle of Duty, most of the Order serve within the Lions faction, but their members can be found wherever their ideals hold true.

The Order left the Lions in 1116, and now reside in Dragons lands.

Order of Nemesis(Edit)

Made up of the remaining faithful warriors to the ancestor Nemesis, the Order first arrived at the Gathering of Nations 1103. Soon afterwards, they were adopted into the Prince Bishop's Men as Crimson Lance and have grown enormously in strength and numbers. They enforce the law in the spirit rather than the letter but hold retribution above all else.


Squad D are rowdy, violent group of Uruks, Ogres and associated hangers on who seem to have originated in Orst and to have crossed over when the mirror realms merged with Lantia, they are mostly heavily armoured warriors who bring a strange mix of crazed destructive chaos and clipped military discipline to the Lions in the name of their mysterious ancestor the Black Spiral; following the mad rantings and odd prophecies of their Madboyz and Spiral priests.

The Prince Bishop's Men(Edit)

The Prince Bishop's Men are one of the oldest and most distinctive military units in the Lions. Making up the majority of the Veterans Legion, their blue and gold tabards and shields are unmissable on the battlefield, and they flourish under the leadership of Prince Bishop Sorrentum Hunter. The military of the Prince Bishop's Men protect a significant civilian population within the group's lands, known as The Palatinate.

The Prince Bishop's Men left the Lions in 1116, and now reside in Dragons lands.

Winter Spear(Edit)

Originally formed as a cross over of the military unit First Spear, and the Neverwinter family for logistical reasons. Now, they are more than that. They are an eclectic mix of individuals from all walks of life. They have no specific home as such. Although, the First Spear contingent are still based on Fort Borealis, just off the coast of Andulus. Each member of Winter Spear will likely tell you something different about what the group is to them. Some will tell you family, while others see it as their military unit. And, because of our history, we are quite probably both.


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