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The history of the Lions faction can broadly be viewed in three eras - when the faction dwelled in Albion, then Avalon, and now Lantia.


Barring the occasional border dispute with close neighbours the Dragons (to the West) and the Bears (to the North), Albion was a peaceful land united under the leadership of the Lions and their Lord General Elias Karlennon (senior) in the absence of a true king. Elias' Lions hosted the first ever Gathering of Nations, at which he was promptly murdered.

Pre-eminent noble and head of the Council of Albion Corvus Corvidae took over the leadership of the faction as the new Lord General in Elias' place. When he later declared himself to be King of Albion, Elias' widow - Elspeth Karlennon - disputed Corvus' right to kingship. Half of the Lions followed Corvus, while half rebelled and followed Elspeth and declared themselves to be an independent faction, the Harts.

For a time the Harts ruled southern Albion while the Lions retained the North, but this proved unworkable and so there was an honour battle at the Gathering of 1096 to decide which faction would own Albion. Corvus' Lions (with their allies the Gryphons, the Tarantulas, the Cobras and the Unicorns) lost the honour battle and were forced to leave their homeland of Albion. The leaders who led them through the battle and into exile in the long-lost demiplane of Avalon were King Corvus Corvidae, Earl Jadvor Erland, Edmund L'Addernoir and Corvus' wife, Queen Roxanne Corvadae.


The demiplane of Avalon was connected to Erdreja, until around 500 years ago when the legendary King Arthur closed the paths between the planes. The Avalonians who were cut off from Erdreja were a largely disparate people, living on a huge landmass which was dominated by the ravages of numerous hordes of chaos demons. A few enclaves of civilisation grew and prospered while the rest of Avalon suffered, but these outposts were an exception to the conditions elsewhere.

When the Lions arrived from Albion, the paths to Erdreja reopened and people could travel freely between the two planes. Roxanne and Covus became demons, though it is not widely known how, and took control of the chaos demons of Avalon to form The Raven Host. It was not until the barrier of Valinor Kai was raised that the faction was finally safe from the depradations of the chaos demons and the corrupted leadership of Corvus and Roxanne.

Unfortunately for the Lions and for Avalon, the reopening of the paths to and from the demiplane had attracted the attentions of a hostile race known as the Nosta Kar. These gold skinned ancients arrived in 1098 through a huge gateway and immediately demanded that the Lions submit to their rule. They gave the Lions 3 months in which to consider their reply, and at the Winter parliament of 1098 the two sides came to blows.

Though the Lions won many battles, notably at Eagg Isle, the Nosta Kar used their ability to transport huge numbers of troops ('rifting') across Avalon to confound the Lions military. Prince Bishop Hatfield gave his life in a ritual to drop the Valinor Kai barrier, releasing the Ravenhost against the Nosta Kar, but even this wasn't enough to turn the tide and in 1100AF the Lions closed the paths to Avalon and headed for Erdreja on the one small surviving portion of Avalon - the island of Holy Isle. Seven heroes, called the Gateguard and led by King Rhino Kazad (also comprising of Cheetah, Sun Bear, Grey, John Lee, Hengist and Vulture) remained behind for a time to try to hold the Nosta Kar back.

The Lions on Holy Isle were piloted through the void back to Erdreja by Magnus Gallowglass, who then became a prince of the faction.

The Lions' leaders at that time were Rhino's wife Queen Sapphire Kazad, Prince Magnus Gallowglass of Lantia and Prince Ivan Shoshoni.


The fleeing Lions came to Lantia after a precarious journey through the void. After 'splashdown', a ring of islands rose from the seas surrounding Holy Isle to form the current archipelago in which most Lions live. The faction was bolstered by close alliances with nearby islanders the Armengarians and the Court of Arrakesh.

Though hounded from their homeland and attacked throughout the journey back to Erdreja, the Lions gained little respite in their new home - in recent years the faction has been attacked by rival Erdrejan factions, betrayed from within, and confronted with many of the wonders (both good and evil) which the islands of Lantia contain. Information regarding the original Drakken which created the islands and the story of their downfall have begun to be revealed, and though the Lions have defeated a number of enemies on Lantian soil, the war itself has not yet been decided. Though battered and bruised, the Lions fight on.


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