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Laws of the Lions Faction(Edit)

Summary of the Laws of Lantia.(Edit)

This is not a complete listing: it is strongly advised that you familiarise yourself with the whole of the law and not just this first page. However a brief introduction to the law would be the below.

Law of Reasonable Responsibility:

- The laws do not cite every example: if a sheriff considers something to be a crime then they can treat it as such (treated in the first instance as non-capital). You still have the right to appeal.

Capital: punishable by anything up to and including death, enforceable on any Lion wherever they may be.

- Murder and attempted murder

- Treason

- Any other crime directly linked to an act of murder or treason

- Repeatedly committing a non-capital crime

- Slavery

- Pattern corruption

- Tampering with the order of Lantia or Erdreya without permission.

- Channelling from the planes of Unlife or using the power of Corruption or Necromancy (including scrolls)

- Utilising Decay, Chant of Wasting, Paralysis by spell (poison is fine), Repair Unliving or Cause Fatal, no matter how you do it.

Non-Capital: Punishable by anything short of death, generally only enforced against crimes on Lions lands or against a Lion.

- Playing the 10 to 2 game

- Tampering with the Order of Lantia or the natural Order of Existence

- Theft

- Unjustified assault and similar crimes.

- Desecrating the Drakken statues

- Using a BoB or similar pattern-affecting poison

Group Law: enforceable in certain locations or at certain times, for example laws of an island, camp law and military law. This is subservient to faction law (e.g. you can’t execute someone under group law without being tried for murder) but must be observed when you fall under its remit. Check if you’re not sure.

Factors to consider:

- Unliving are not protected by Lions law but are expected to obey it.

- The spirit of the law is more important than the letter.

- Duels, including to the death, are ok as long as everyone involved understands the terms.

- The Controller/Beguiler/Enthraller/Summoner is responsible the actions of the people he is using and it’s often illegal. Ask first if you’re not sure.

- Religion or ancestral request is not an excuse.

Laws of the Lions Faction(Edit)

The Definition of the Law(Edit)

Firstly, it should be noted that, by long tradition, and by proclamation of King Rhino at the Heartland Games 1100, that the Spirit of the Law is more important than the Letter. To that end, there shall be no final and exhaustive written definition of individual crimes. The Spirit of the Law is interpreted by the Sheriffs, and by those acting as Judges.

There are two types of crime, Capital and Non-Capital. Capital crimes are those that can carry sentence of death.

Currently, Capital Crimes are: Murder, Treason, Slavery, Corruption and any other crime that is either linked directly to an act of Murder or Treason, or that has been repeated on a number of occasions by the culprit. Additional crimes may be added to this list on petition.

Non-Capital Crimes are all other crimes that are not Capital. Being too numerous to list without risk of omitting some, the Spirit of the Law applies. All those of sound and adult mind are expected to know right from wrong, and as such will know whether their actions are likely to be a crime or not. If a sheriff or other investigating authority deem that an action is a crime then it will be treated as such and the process of investigation and bringing judgement shall begin.

The Sheriffs' office will investigate all crimes. However, people wishing to bring a charge should have collected and prepared their evidence for examination by the Sheriffs, and be prepared to conduct the prosecution on the charge. While there is no requirement for absolute proof over reasonable suspicion, a judgement will not be made based on rumour and grudge and the Sheriffs will not be expected to do more than is reasonable in the course of their duties.

Initial document signed, this day, the Twelfth of the Twelfth Month, 1102 A.F. on Andulus, Isle of Justice, by I, Sir Oliver FitzOliver, High Sheriff of the Lions etc.

These preceding sections revised and retained for definition of crimes, this day, the Thirtieth of the Third Month, 1110 A.F. on Archon, Isle of Assurance, by I, Vincenzo Sangrado, Hammer of Justice of the Lions.

Revised and amended this day, the Twenty Second of the Third Month 1114AF on Gallathrix, Isle of War, by I, Fraximus, Acting Hammer of Justice of the Lions.

Scope of the Laws(Edit)

• These laws apply equally to all Lions, citizens of Lantia, Denizens of Lantia, guests and visitors to Lions’ lands.

• Lions’ lands for these purposes includes the isles of Lantia, Orst, the Lions camp, and any other area which can be reasonably said to be held by the Lions or a group within the Lions.

• All persons of Lantia are covered by the law, including Crowns, council, military personnel, sheriffs, those who consider themselves non-Lions, and everyone else too.


• The spirit of the Law is more important than the wording

• Provocation can be mitigation.

• Precedent is not applicable or binding unless the crimes involved are identical but may be taken into account at the discretion of the judging party.

• Sociopathy and/or psychopathy are not a defence.

• Participation in a ritual is not a defence though may be considered as mitigation depending on circumstances.

• The Laws of Avalon, Senatorial Law and all previous versions of Lions Law not included within this guidance are considered to be obsolete. They may be used for reference as to what constitutes Good and Proper behaviour but are no longer binding.

• The maintenance of the Laws falls to the Hammer of Justice, as directed by the Crowns. Should no Hammer of Justice be appointed at a given time, then this task shall be assumed to fall upon the High Sheriff until the Crowns decide otherwise.


• The nature of Judgement shall be decided by the senior Law Keeper present.

• Sentences of death will only be handed down on Lions citizens with the agreement of the Crown. This may take the form of a decree or charter of blanket approval.

• The chain of appeal shall run Sheriff - High Sheriff - Hammer of Justice - Crown.

• The Council may petition on behalf of the accused, but cannot override a Judgement.

• The Council may stay an execution pending an appeal.

• The Crown may overrule a Judgement to offer clemency or a stricter or more lenient punishment.

• No Crown may extend this offer to themselves: to overrule a Judgement on a Crown requires the agreement of another crown and at least one of the following: the remaining crown, the Hammer of Justice, the High Sheriff, the Head of Council, the Knight Defender.

Decrees and Proclamations.(Edit)

• Decrees and Proclamations are valid until rescinded

• Rescinding can be done by the maker or any crown after the maker resigns the crown.

• Cessation of life is considered resignation.

• Royal Warrants and Charters require reaffirmation after resignation of the sponsor. Decrees do not. If not reaffirmed, then the Warrant or Charter shall be considered rescinded.

• A Decree is the establishment or embellishment of a law. All decrees must be made in writing by a Crown who is at the time of sound mind.

• A Warrant or Charter is a document or statement that defines the law with respect to a specific situation, instance or individual.

Extant Decrees(Edit)

• The 10 to 2 game is illegal on Lions land (Hengist, Lenia)

• Attempting to impede the Elysium in the execution of its duties is treason (Sapphire)

• The Draken statues are sacrosanct and shall not be disturbed (Magnus)

• The spirit of the Law is more important than the wording (Rhino)

• Slavery is illegal (Rhino)

Rescinded Decrees(Edit)

• Benedict Darkendale is exempt from laws covering necromancy (Sapphire)

• Passage to Emmerix is forbidden (Sapphire)

• Cerephus is to remain undisturbed without permission from the council or invitation from the Soul Elves (Sapphire)

• The Elysium is exempt from laws concerning Pattern Corruption (Sapphire, Magnus)

• Passage beyond the Citadel of Emmerix by any means is forbidden when the Beast is in residence (Meggido)

Group Law(Edit)

• Group Law is enforceable within a group and within lands governed by that group, providing the Crowns have consented.

• Group Law is an addition to, not replacement for, Cardinal Lions Law. This means that being permitted under Group Law is not a valid defence in the case of a Cardinal Law being broken.

• Martial Law and Camp Law are examples of Group Law.

• Group Laws must be lodged with the High Sheriff and Hammer of Justice to have validity. A list of all group laws will be made available in Camelot for public viewing. It is the responsibility of the group in question to keep these laws updated.

Current interpretations of Laws(Edit)

Any annotation followed by a * and a name is a Decree made by that particular Crown.

Cardinal Laws(Edit)

• Channelling from the Plane of Unlife is Illegal.

• Unliving are not protected by the Laws of the Land.

• The infliction of Pattern Corruption is Illegal.

• Slavery is illegal* (Rhino)

Breaking these laws is considered treason.

• Acts of treason perpetrated by a Lion will be punished regardless of the locale in which they are committed.

• Exemptions to these laws may be granted by Signed Warrant only and as such no ongoing exemption will be granted to them.

• Exemptions may not be made retrospectively.

• If an exemption is to be granted to a Crown, then the Warrant must be countersigned by all other Crowns.

Channelling from the Plane of Unlife is Illegal.

• This includes the use of all powers of Corruption and Necromancy.

• This includes casting any spell by the power of Necromancy or by the power of Corruption regardless of whether this spell is available through other routes.

• This includes the use of any ability to repair or summon Unliving, to cause pattern corruption or to Waste a pattern, regardless of the method used.

• Utilising stored power is considered channelling - for example, in the case of scrolls.

• Summoning and manipulation of ruinous powers from other planes will be considered with reference to the bounds of this law.

Unliving are not protected by the Laws of the Land.

• Unliving are subject to the Laws of the Land and expected to obey them.

The infliction of Pattern Corruption is Illegal.

• This includes any and all methods of wounding considered to be abhorrent in the eyes of the law.

• This includes the use of the Chant of Wasting.

• This includes infliction of wounds of an inherently fatal nature.

• This includes infliction of decay upon a living body.

• This includes the use of a Balrog in a Bottle or poisons of similar effect, due to the extreme nature of the poison

• This excludes Baneful weaponry such as cold iron or blessed blades.

• If you get dismissed or pummelled by accident during the duration of Embody Unliving, it is your own silly fault.

Slavery is illegal* (Rhino)

• Slavery is taken to mean an involuntary and non-beneficial arrangement.

• The slave need not recognise the non-beneficial nature of their circumstances for it to be considered to be slavery.

• Repeat application of beguilement is considered to be placing the victim in a state of slavery.

• Use of Control (eg. Control Elemental) may be considered to be slavery depending on circumstances.

• Thraldom and Indentured Servitude are not automatically considered slavery but are still subject to the test laid out above.

Murder of any Lion by another member of the Faction is considered a treasonous act.

• This includes killing a Were, Paladin or Warlock as a means of developing one’s own skills.

• This includes killing a Lion under any aspect of Group Law.

General Laws(Edit)


• All of Lantia and related isles is considered estate of the Crowns, to be granted or governed as they see fit.


• The Draken statues are inviolable* (Magnus)

• Attempting to impede the Elysium in the execution of its duties is treason* (Sapphire)

• Attempting to tamper with the Order of Lantia without prior approval is treason.

• Altering the natural Order of Existence or Order of Lantia purposefully and in a manner considered detrimental to that Order is treason

• Prior approval is not a shield against prosecution if you tamper with the Order of Lantia if it is reasonable to assume that you should have anticipated negative consequences to your actions. It is reasonable to assume that anyone tampering with the Order of Lantia has researched thoroughly before beginning.


• Battlefield borrowing is not traditionally considered theft; this encompasses occasions where a weapon is taken on the battlefield to allow an enemy to be dispatched and returned immediately after the battle.

• Taking and using a scroll or vial is not considered to be battlefield borrowing. However taking a scroll or vial from an unconscious or incapacitated person in order to directly save fellow allies is considered mitigation to the action.

• Theft is a Capital Crime if used as a means to place others in peril or prevent them defending themselves.

Poisons and Similar Armaments(Edit)

• Poisons and baneful weaponry are not, strictly speaking, illegal.

• Their use may be. It will automatically be assumed that if lethal poisons are used, then the intent of the wielder is to slay.

• Possessing a poison may well make you a 'person of interest to the sheriffs'

• Use of the Balrog in a Bottle or similar poisons is always illegal.


Each Lion is free to worship an Ancestor of their choosing, provided the Ancestor does not command the breaking of Lions Law and is not considered to be at war with the faction.

• Injuries are acceptable in religious rites.

• Religion does not provide legal defence against use of proscribed items or methods - e.g. pattern corruption.

• Fatalities of others are not permitted on religious grounds unless they would normally be acceptable with relation to other laws.

• Instruction from an Ancestor is not considered a legal defence.


• Duelling is allowed, under sanction, if both parties agree in advance to terms.

• Duels to the death are permitted.

• Any second to the duel must be aware of the terms before commencement.

Control and Summoning(Edit)

• The controller or summoner is considered responsible for the actions of those under his control.

• Control for these purposes includes Elemental and Incanting effects, Enthralling and Beguilements, as well as all similar powers.

• Controlling an ally should only be used for their protection or under extenuating circumstances. This is not in and of itself illegal but will be subject to all other laws regarding the use of both Control and Beguile.

• Controlling an enemy should only be used to aid or protect the Lions, to defeat an enemy, or to remove the enemy from the battle.

• Controlling a creature in a ritual circle for the purposes of that ritual, for example summoning an ancestral being then controlling it to teach a skill, will be considered exempt from the above two definitions though must be done in a reasonable manner.

• No Controlled being should be humiliated or tasked beyond reasonable exertion.

• No Summoned being should be forced to possess a person or to act contrary to its nature. If you choose to summon an evil-natured creature that is your own lookout.

Detailed Clarifications(Edit)

Tampering with the Order of Lantia(Edit)

The Order of Existence is somewhat documented, quite robust and there are numerous wise heads to consult in advance of any manipulation. The Order of Lantia is barely documented, has passed through at least two Cataclysms and those few beings who can speak of it oftentimes lie. As a result, it is prudent to make it quite clear that any changes visited upon it will be approached with the utmost caution.

Tampering with the Order of Existence(Edit)

It is expressly illegal to tamper with or attempt to destroy the balance of Erdeya, the Dragon, the Egg, The Inner Void, The Outer Void, any Plane or Demi-Plane associated with this Egg, or to take any action which could cause a mass extinction event.

Channelling from the Planes of Unlife(Edit)

To the best of the awareness of the Hammer of Justice and upon reliable testimony, one may be born a Corruptor and as a consequence, it would not be just to slay an infant merely for a quirk of his pattern beyond his control. Likewise we are a faction who believes in the possibility of repentance and so it is not illegal to be capable of wielding Corruption or Necromancy. However any use of those powers is illegal regardless of the method by which this power was gained.


The Wonders will be judged on an individual basis, as they are covered by the Laws on interfering with the Order of Lantia.


If a Lions ritualist wishes to break Lions law for the purposes of that ritual - for example, inflict a pattern corrupting wound within a ritual circle for the purposes of creating an amulet which would protect someone from such wounds - they would be allowed to do it only if they had obtained a signed warrant in advance from the Crowns.

Reach of the Law(Edit)

Any Lion committing the crime of Treason will be held to account for it regardless of their location at the time the crime is committed. Other crimes are to be determined and judged by the laws of the locale in which they are performed in the first instance, and then further action will be taken as applicable for justice to be done. Further action, as a broad generalisation, will only be required from the Sheriffs if the crime occurs between two members of the Lions Faction. Actions which take place at main gatherings outwith the bounds of the Lions camp will be first and foremost the preserve of the Militia Guild as per the Gathering Charter, and will only fall under Lions law should it be a matter of treason or a matter between two members of the Lions Faction which is not covered by Militia law.

Interaction of Laws on Beguiling (Edit)

The section on control does not render the mention in the section on slavery redundant. Note that the former is in the section on General Law, whereas the latter is considered as part of a Cardinal Law.

Beguiling a being on a single occasion may be taken to be Controlling that being and will be punished accordingly if it is not for the permitted purposes.

Beguiling a being repeatedly is taken to be Enslaving that being and will be punished under the laws for Slavery rather than Control. Slavery is considered Treason and thus will invite a much harsher sentence.

Beguile is always illegal if not for a permitted purpose. The crime an illegal beguile will be tried under (and consequently, the punishment handed down) will depend on how many times the victim has been beguiled previously, be it legally or illegally.

It is quite possible for a beguiler to defend themselves against a persistent foe on repeated occasions with their power and face no charges, provided each occasion is within the bounds of the Law.

It is suggested that anyone capable of beguiling, controlling or summoning should be very, very careful not to abuse their powers.

Claim of Sovereignty over Lantian Soil.(Edit)

In the case of Armengar: Armengar is currently under its own law and its control of the Isle of Amnor is recognised and protected by treaty. That arrangement supersedes the Lions Law in question and life continues as ever it has for Armengar.

In the case of DuPre: This land is a protectorate of the Lions and entitled to the protection of the faction. Lions law is not in force there, but members of the Lions faction are granted free access and expected to follow the laws of that land while there.

In the case of the Palatinate: The current Palatinate is property of the Crowns and granted to the Prince Bishop to govern as he or she sees fit.

It should be noted that any grant of Land in Albion or Avalon does not implicitly place terms upon grant of Lantian soil. Grants of Land do not include the right to cede from the Crown and any such grant of Land may be removed at any time.


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