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Welcome to the Lions faction website. This site is intended to provide relevant in character (IC) and out of character (OOC) information regarding the faction and its forthcoming events, as well as some generic background information for prospective new players. The faction's online booking system for its sanctioned events is at If you need more information about the faction, or are interested in joining us at an event, please follow the link to our forum and sign up.

The Gathering is a live action roleplaying (LRP) system in the UK run by the Lorien Trust (LT). The four main events attract hundreds (or in the case of the August bank holiday set piece, the Gathering, thousands) of players with hugely different costumes, backgrounds, races and attitudes. The Lions faction also typically runs two smaller events each year, catering for around 100 players. The LT system is set in the game world of Erdreja, a high fantasy world whose cultures can be approximately mapped onto various regions of historical earth.

The Lions faction is one of ten player "factions" currently active within the system. Each faction can generally be seen as drawing its background from one or more historical civilisations - in the case of the Lions, this was originally heavily Arthurian. More recently the faction has planted its roots in Roman and Greek influences, though there is no pressure on new players, characters or groups to rigidly exist within this genre. A guidebook for new players has been produced. Download the PDF.

Further details on these subjects can be found at the Lorien Trust website.


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